Hemel Counselling
Hemel Counselling
Frequently asked questions
Will counselling help me?
Counselling can help many people; it takes commitment and can be difficult at times.

How will counselling help me?
I will support you by providing an environment where your feelings will be respected without judgement, enabling you to feel listened to and understood. Counselling may help you gain better understanding of what you are going through, perhaps leading you to feel less distressed and more able to see where changes could be made to enhance your life.

Is what I say confidential?
I treat all information you share with me as confidential. The only and very rare exception is if there is a risk of very serious harm to yourself or another. The purpose of breaching confidentiality would be to ensure your safety or the safety of another. I will discuss any concerns with you.

How long will it take?
The number of sessions varies considerably depending on your needs. There will be regular reviews so that we can agree together the best way forward.

How long and how often are the sessions?
Sessions last 50 minutes and are on a weekly basis.

How much does it cost?
My fee is £50 per session.