Hemel Counselling
Online / Telephone sessions
I offer video or telephone sessions - these can be just as successful as face to face sessions but they are different with some extra considerations. The information on this page is to help you make an informed choice as to whether this way of working is right for you and your circumstances and to give you information about what online platforms I use.

There are some situations where online/telephone working may not be advised, particularly where your safety may be at high risk.

These include things like imminent suicidal intent, serious mental health issues or severe domestic violence situations.

In an assessment session I may advise you to see your GP or access face-to-face support, in your geographical area, where your safety can be more fully assessed.
Benefits of remote working:
• Place and time to suit you, with no travel time
• Flexibility to choose the technology suitable to you
• Can be more private, not being seen coming to my therapy room
• Can be easier to talk, being relaxed in your own home
• More accessible for those who cannot travel
Challenges of remote working:
• Internet connection problems – connection loss or time delay
• Finding a private space where you are not overheard
• Can be hard not to see each other fully
• Consider how you feel about me seeing into your home (video)
• No space/transition time from therapy to home; being left in your home post session

I offer telephone sessions as well as the following video platforms:

Zoom A popular video conferencing platform that can host individual or group sessions; it is encrypted and complies with USA data rules. I use meeting room codes with passwords that are unique to you, the waiting room facility and lock room function. Joining a meeting can be through the Zoom app or your internet browser.
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WhatsApp video calling End to end encrypted calls. WhatsApp is one of the Meta Companies.
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